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Slicing and sliceware

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Posted: Apr. 24, 2018 1:35 pm

1> adding security to accounts is a little vague as to the how. 

2> is there any way to improve the base skill for computer or is it always the same difficulty? if not - could this be considered for the future?

3> is there a way to add security to a security system as well as the described? if not - could this be considered for the future? 


The SliceWare is used by those with the Computer Skill to ‘hack’ accounts of other characters to obtain information and steal credits, or to install protections on a client’s account. The Sliceware link appears in the online Overview of characters with Computer.


Your character knows how to use a computer for obtaining and protecting information.

  • SliceWare - Use your datapad (smartphone, tablet, etc) to access the SliceWare website linked on your character Overview.

Offline Slicing - If there is no internet or cell signal at an event location, you may visit Logistics, while open, and choose a target character. Pay 100 Credits and roll a 10-sided die. The target number is 8. Rolling the target number or higher means you successfully ‘hack’ into the character’s profile and can ask Logistics one of the following questions:

  • “What is one of the character’s Skills?”
  • “What is one of the character’s Techniques?”

Logistics will answer with information as listed on the target character’s stats, and may be random. The Credits are spent no matter what. The target number can be lowered by spending an additional 100 Credits per number per roll.

  • Slice Security Lock - Use your datapad, ‘plug’ in to the Security Lock. Mime typing on the datapad for 60 seconds, and switch the Lock’s light on or off.



Posted: Apr. 24, 2018 1:51 pm

There is an actual Sliceware website I am updating that will be available starting the week before event. All will be explained there. 😊

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