December 2, 7 AFE (12 BBY)


Sep. 17, 2019 11:17 am

From the petty thief to the crime lord, Criminals are all about taking valuables from others. Con artists and slicers (hackers), pickpockets and mafia, criminals are interested in scoring a profit usually by stealing from others.

When you think ‘Organized Crime’ - the first thought you have probably include the Hutt families. There’s a reason for that. While it would be incredibly racist to assume that all Hutts are involved with organized crime, the Hutt Cartel wields a vast amount of power and wealth from generations of ill-gotten gains. Not all organized crime goes through the Cartell; there’s Black Sun, Crimson Dawn, the Broken Horn Syndicate, and many other crime organizations that vary in size and power.

Regardless, these groups have dirty deeds that need doing, and most of them are willing to pay good credits to see them done. If you can keep your mouth shut, you could have a future. Just remember: snitches get stitches.


Criminals have underground contacts and as such, you can fence 1 item per the Fence Item Skill. If you buy the Fence Item Skill, you can fence up to 2 items.


Criminal activity in Galaxy Awaits is mainly based on theft of In-Game items and information. Slavery is not allowed in the game in any way shape or form. Please see our Policies & Conduct for details.  


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