December 2, 7 AFE (12 BBY)

Saiyani Station

Dec. 11, 2019 9:45 am

When the more stringent planetary environmental laws went into effect, Saiyani Station made the cut of towns whose space stations were permitted to continue service.  Only marginally larger and busier than its neighboring stations (such as Corox), Saiyani had a difficult time handling the increase in spaceport traffic that had been handled by all the local landing fields beforehand.  Two months of non-stop scheduling problems and no downtime for station upkeep coalesced in an incident involving an overworked astromech droid, an unnamed Barabel who had grown impatient with waiting 6 hours to dock, and a protocol droid lacking vital updates to its programming forced the station to shut down for a week of clean-up efforts.

Not wanting to lose their status as a functioning space station, Saiyani Station's governing officials quickly secured the necessary loans to rent extra worker droids and hire enough laborers to keep one bay open during repairs, and begin work on expanding the station.  A year later, and Saiyani Station was finally keeping up with demand and turning a profit.

Saiyani Station is on a peninsula surrounded by one of Selvaris's great seas on three sides.  Three roads lead out of Saiyani further inland.  One follows the coast towards Corox Station, Kelva Shallows, and beyond.  Another follows the coast in the other direction, towards Selvaris's capital.  The third goes deeper into the jungle, and passes other former space port towns out into the wilderness.  The planetary environmental laws prohibit paved roads more than a mile into any forested region, so all three roads start out well paved and well maintained, but only the road to the capital city stays this way.

While Saiyani Station is only about 100 miles from Corox Station, the road between the two winds quite a bit along the coast, around hills, and through the jungle.  Local speed laws along the road prevent travel between the two towns in less than an hour's time (each way).

The town surrounding Saiyani station has grown to a regular population of approximately 20,000.  Humans still make up the largest percentage of the population, but the volume of trade moving through Saiyani ensures that almost every sentient species has been present at some point, at least in passing.

In an effort to keep business flowing, Saiyani Station maintains a strong security force.  Their policies within Saiyani focus on keeping the peace, and as such they tend to only intervene in violent matters.  When the security force intervenes in an incident of violence, standard policy is to impound all vehicles and droids, and search all cargo.  All contraband is then confiscated to escalate the charges.  While Saiyani's laws on contraband are not any different from the rest of Selvaris, the local forces do not normally inspect cargo unless given good reason.  The most common reasons are in response to violence or a tip from a reliable source.  It is not unheard of for a few credits in the right hands to influence one’s reputation as a reliable source, and typically the local law enforcement are not above bribes to look the other way.  Due to the local government's strict stance against violence, it is much more difficult to convince the security force to turn a blind eye to contraband if you are already in custody, especially if a death within city limits or of a citizen was involved.

In addition to local administrative buildings, a regional government compound is also located in Saiyani Station. From this place the Selvarin government administers the local region and communities, and is often the source of first responders to emergencies that happen in the towns on the fringe, such as Corox Station.

The Empire has recently been granted a plot of land near Saiyani, where a permanent pre-fabricated garrison is expected to be located. While approved by the planetary government, locals are not sure the possible increase in revenue is worth their presence.

Saiyani Station is the closest place for those on the fringes to make contact outside Selvaris easily, having a connection to the orbital communication system. As such, it is often where many people who venture into the wilderness make planet fall, and at one time even sported a Bounty Hunters Guild office, although it amounted to not much more than a few rented rooms with a bored clerk and a few droids.


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