February 25, 7 AFE (12 BBY)
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Sep. 17, 2019 11:55 amNatalya   Organizer

A government backed group of soldiers, the military is an organized combat unit designed for warfare. The most powerful and numerous military is that of the Empire, though some worlds still maintain their own military, while some military units operate as mercenaries. 


For Selvarin, Independent, and Rebellion Factions only. Thanks to being on a steady payroll, your total Stipend is 700 Credits per event.

For the Empire Faction only. You gain 5 ‘resets’ per event representing clones and the numbers of Stormtroopers. Resets are used at the end of the 60-second Death count to revive on the spot with full HP and FP keeping any items remaining on your person when you revive. Each reset is otherwise a different character with their own memories and designation (name).