Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all participants of The Galaxy Awaits LARP, and is applied to you, not your character. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are agreeing to the following:

Code of Conduct

All participants, player and Staff alike, are expected to treat each other in a friendly manner on Galaxy Awaits social media, and in person at a Galaxy Awaits event. Personal attacks and inflammatory language will not be tolerated. In short, don’t be a jerk.  

There will be decisions made by Staff that will affect you and the game at some point. While Staff is always open to receive suggestions from the players, and Staff is not required to implement all suggestions, you are asked to trust that all decisions are for the benefit of the game as a whole. If you disagree with the decisions of Staff, present alternative solutions in a constructive manner. If you don’t like how the game is run, then you are asked to find another game that you do like.

Everyone who attends a Galaxy Awaits event should feel welcome and safe. If you are making someone feel uncomfortable or unsafe in any way, no matter if you are acting as your character or not, you will be asked to stop. Anything that could be considered a trigger of past personal trauma is not allowed. You know what they are, just don't do it. If you are unsure if your actions in- or out-of-game will cause others to be uncomfortable, please ask first, but chances are if you have to ask, you shouldn't do the action in question. Your noncompliance, or continued complaints against you, will lead to expulsion from the game or see Section 5: Infractions.  

Read and Follow the Rules

There are two sets of rules, 1) the game play rules provided by The Galaxy Awaits, and 2) these Terms and Conditions. These rules are to ensure the game is played in a fair manner for all attendees and you are expected to abide by these rules while participating in a Galaxy Awaits event. It is your responsibility to read the game play rules namely the General Rules and Character sections, plus anything that pertains to your character. While unintentional breaking of the rules may be forgiven because no one person can be expected to know every word of the rules, those who cheat, bend the rules, and exploit loopholes for any purpose will be issued a Warning, see Section 5: Infractions.

  1. Forms of Cheating

  2. Rhino-hiding - taking more damage than your Hit Points allow and continuing to fight instead of pretending to be unconscious.

  3. Turtling - hiding behind a shield covering your whole body, or leaving only your head exposed. You must leave a legal target area of your body exposed.

  4. Machine-gunning - repeating a call so fast that your opponent cannot understand you or otherwise does not have time to respond.

  5. Metagaming - this is the act of bringing character-sensitive information discovered out-of-game into the game as your character. The only in-game areas where information is in-game is at event while the game is on, and designated online role-play areas. Outside of these, all such information you learn is out-of-game. During an event, it may be difficult to tell if players are speaking as their characters, so any information you learn while the game is on is considered in-game. If you do not want other players to know your character secrets, don’t talk about it anywhere or anytime.

  6. Loophole Abuse - discovering a loophole in the rules that allows you to use a rule in a way that is not meant to be used. The use of the loophole instead of telling Staff is cheating.

  7. Weapon Sneaking - all weapons must be checked by Staff before use in the game to ensure they are safe to use as intended. Failure to have a weapon checked, yet using it anyway, is cheating.

Anti-favoritism & Anti-targeting

In order to provide a fun and fair game to all participants, the Staff will treat all attendees equally and without discrimination wherever possible regarding The Galaxy Awaits LARP. What this means to you as an attendee is that no individual is given special treatment or awarded bonuses, such as Tags, Currency, and Player Points, that directly affect his/her character outside the confines of the Rules, Factions, Setting, and Staff Policies, nor will Staff target you specifically.

All decisions made by Staff regarding The Galaxy Awaits LARP, including but not limited to Rules and Policies, shall be done with fairness to all participants and equal balance within the game in mind. If a suggested change cannot be applied to everyone, then it will not be implemented or approved.


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason without refund.

Any attendee or Staff member who cheats, bends the rules, and exploits loopholes for any purpose will be issued a Warning as follows:

Marked warnings will be made public on the website until the warning is removed. First and second warnings can be removed after one year of proven compliance online and at an event. Third Warnings and expulsions may be removed at Staff's discretion.

Individuals known to be power-gamers and cheaters, behave inappropriately, play in an unsafe manner, and overall not a team player toward creating a fair, safe, and fun game for all participants, will be permanently expelled at anytime, with or without warning, as determined by Staff and without refund of any monies, if applicable.

Breaking campsite rules and willful destruction of property that does not belong to you will result in permanent expulsion from The Galaxy Awaits LARP that will never be revoked. 

If you are suspect in an alleged crime involving federal and state law that involves the authorities either at a Galaxy Awaits LARP event or outside it, you will be expelled and banned from The Galaxy Awaits LARP. This is to ensure the integrity of the organization and above all, the safety of the participants.

Should your innocence be proven in court of law, you will be reinstated with The Galaxy Awaits LARP, if you wish.

Should you be found guilty in a court of law for violating federal and state law, this will result in permanent expulsion from The Galaxy Awaits LARP that will never be revoked.

Star Wars Canon

The Galaxy Awaits LARP is a live action role-play game with a Star Wars theme. This means the game is designed to be fair and balanced, yet simple for a LARP game that utilizes 360 degree immersive wherever possible. The goal is NOT to include every single nuance found in the Star Wars Universe because that would create a cumbersome set of rules that would make game-play difficult. This means that you may find familiar aspects missing, altered, or not quite right as portrayed in this game. An explanation may or may not be applied.

When making a suggestion for an addition or change to an aspect of the game and it is rejected after consideration, do not argue that your suggestion should be implemented because it is Star Wars canon. Staff still makes decisions based on what is best for the game, not simply because it is canon in the theme of the game.    

You are welcome to call items, force powers, skills, and so on, whatever you like to best suit your character and character concept. For example when speaking as your character during an event, you can say you are using Electric Judgement instead Force Lightning, or a Giggledust instead of Spice. The rules and calls for these do not change, and the stats on your character sheet only dictate what your character can do, not what your character calls his abilities and belongings.