press release

March 11, 2020

Statement on the Upcoming MAY Event & COVID-19

As more and more conventions and festivals are cancelled due to COVID-19, you might be wondering about our upcoming event on May 8 - 10.

As of this posting, our event is still ON.

The May event is two months away. We are hopeful COVID-19 will be under control by then. Like you, we just have to wait and see.

Since we're playing this by ear, know that it is your tickets that count. The May events cost twice as much as the November events, so if we don't have enough ticket sales, well we have some tough decisions to make.

If we do have to cancel the event because of COVID-19, you will have the choice for a full refund or to transfer your ticket to the November event.

We will reevaluate the situation two weeks before the event.

We don't want to cancel. We are moving ahead planning the event. The May event is ON.

Thank you and stay safe!
Galaxy Awaits Staff

If you are planning on attending the May event, please get your ticket at