360 Degree Illusion

Oct. 16, 2019 2:29 pm

Also referred to as ‘what you see is what you get’, everything you see within the designated game area is to be considered ‘in the game’ or In-Game. Players actively playing the game are acting and talking as their character, and interactions between these characters are never described.  What you see is represented with makeup, costumes, props, and environment to allow you to easily believe what you are seeing is real.

However, some imagination is needed to pretend a foam sword is a real sword, or a friend wearing a creature mask is a real alien. Using props and costumes create a visual and physical simulation that require as little imagination as possible to immerse you into the game world. Ultimately, the 360 Degree illusion means that if you cannot represent an end result using actions, props, decoration, or costume, then you cannot do it. Any exceptions to the 360 Degree illusion are described herein. 


During Game Hours, stay IG as much as possible to help create a believable gaming experience.


Contacting Staff and NPCs for In-Game reasons should be done via In-Game means, such as waiting for the NPC to show up In-Game, or using a walkie talkie on an agreed upon channel. DO NOT go to SC Camp to collect bounties, ask for IG information, or other like IG activities. There are means In-Game to do so.

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