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Oct. 16, 2019 2:13 pmNatalya   Organizer

Cheating the rules and the intent of this game for your personal benefit does not make for a fun game for anyone else. Don’t do it. We will not tolerate it. Common practices of cheating include but are not limited to:

  • Gibbering - stringing together Signature Calls too quickly. Your opponent needs a few seconds to react between each statement. Opponents can call “Gibbering” and ignore all effects from that single attack.

  • Machine Gunning - striking an opponent, or shooting them darts, too quickly. Your opponent needs at least one second to react between each hit. Opponents can call “Machine Gunning” and ignore all damage from that single attack. 

  • Metagaming - where you learn IG secrets while outside the game, but bring that info into the game as if your character learned it somehow. Note that OOG conversations can be taken IG if held in an IG area and overheard by someone IG. 

  • Rhino-hiding - where you continue to stand after your character has taken too much damage.

  • Turtling - hiding behind a shield where your body cannot be struck in a safe manner.