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Dec. 28, 2019 1:57 pmroguethief   Character Guide
  • Create Augment: Your character makes Augments. To receive Tags each event, visit the Item Store. Each Augment costs 1000 Credits. The first Augment is free when you buy this Skill. You are limited to the number of Tags you can buy by the amount of Credits you have to spend. Augment descriptions.
  • Install:  The recipient may be willing/unwilling, conscious or Knocked Out. Administer one Bacta Nanites regardless of the recipient’s current status, then mime operating on the patient for 60 seconds to ‘remove’ the body part in question and ‘replace’ it with the Augment. Then give the Player the Tagged Augment prop to wear and use immediately when consciousness is regained.   
  • Remove: Same as Install except you are ‘removing’ the Augment and ‘replacing’ it with a prosthetic, so the recipient can use her normal body part (unless the Player can visually represent the dismemberment).