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Droid Mechanic

Dec. 28, 2019 1:24 pmroguethief   Character Guide

Your character can repair Droids. You cannot use this Skill on yourself nor does it work on Aliens and Humans. 

  • Assess: Without costing FP, use the Scan Gesture and ask: “Scan, how many Health points do you have?” or “Scan, are you afflicted by a Status effect?” or “Scan, are you Knocked Out or Dead?”

  • Cure Health: Use repair-related tools, mime working on the Droid and, after an uninterrupted 30 seconds, say “Cure Health 2” to restore the Droid’s HP, without costing FP. If you use Bacta Nanites instead of the tools, 5 HP is restored instead of 2.

  • Install Augment:  The recipient may be willing/unwilling, conscious or Knocked Out. Administer Bacta Nanites regardless of the recipient’s current status, then mime working on the Droid for 60 seconds to ‘remove’ the body part in question and ‘replace’ it with the Augment. Then give the Player the Tagged Augment prop to wear and use immediately when consciousness is regained.   

  • Remove Augment: Same as Install except you are ‘removing’ the Augment and ‘replacing’ it with a simple mechanical limb, so the recipient can use her normal body part (unless the Player can visually represent the dismemberment).