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Dec. 28, 2019 1:27 pmroguethief   Character Guide
  • Restriction: Droids cannot choose this Skill.
  • Method: Scan Gesture
  • Sig Call: “Scan, X”

Any character of any Faction and Job can have this Skill. Your character has an understanding of the Force that can be used to ascertain the following information: 

Use the Method, spend 1 FP, and say the Sig Call where X is one of the following questions that the target Player must answer immediately and truthfully OOG: “Scan, what is your Force Rating?” or “Scan, what are your current Force Points?” or  “Scan, what emotion are you feeling?” or “Scan, are you afflicted by a Mental effect?”

Additionally, you can use the Force to create a Lightsaber. Visit the online Item Store where you can buy 1 Lightsaber Tag per event at a cost of 1,000 Credits. Due to the rarity of Lightsabers in this Era, you do not get a free Tag when you first buy this Skill.