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Dec. 28, 2019 2:25 pmroguethief   Character Guide

Your character can make two different types of lock; the electronic Security Lock and the mechanical Padlock. To receive Tags, buy them in the online Item Store. Standard prices are 200 Credits for a Security Lock, 100 Credits for a Keycard, or 100 Credits for one Padlock and 50 credits for a Key. The first Security or Padlock is free when you buy this Skill. Locks are assigned a number and any Key with that number can be used to open the Lock. Keys will be numbered with a matching number on a Lock you present to Logistics. 

  • To Pick a Lock: Padlocks can be picked with this Skill. Touch the Lock Tag and use appropriate props (lock picks, hairpins, etc) to mime picking the Lock for 10 seconds. Then open the door/box. Security Locks cannot be picked with this Skill as they must be hacked with the Computer Skill or the Scomp Link Augment instead.