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Dec. 29, 2019 1:51 pmroguethief   Character Guide

Your character is a field medic and can treat basic injuries of Aliens and Humans. You cannot use this Skill on yourself nor does it work on Droids. 

  • Assess - Hold up the Scan Gesture and ask one of the following questions without costing FP:
    • “Scan, how many Health points do you have?”
    • “Scan, are you afflicted by a Status effect?”
    • “Scan, are you Knocked Out or Dead?”
  • Cure Health - wrap bandages around the arm of the Player and, after an uninterrupted 30 seconds, say “Cure Health 2” to restore the patient’s Health points, without costing FP. If you use Bacta Nanites instead of the bandages, 5 HP is restored instead of 2.