1 - Methods

Apr. 27, 2021 9:37 am

Effects are delivered to an opponent via one of the following Methods as indicated in the Skill, Technique, and Item descriptions:


Used to place an Effect on an item. Say the Sig Call and pretend to apply the contents for at least 3 seconds then attach the Tag on the item.


Used when you consume an Effect from a Bottle, cup or plate, or fake syringe. Another player may mime at least 3 seconds administering the contents on you.


With an empty hand, touch the player on the shoulder, hand, forearm, foot, or shin and say the effect’s Sig Call. DO NOT use this Method on a player actively swinging or shooting a weapon else the target is not affected (likewise don’t swing/shoot a weapon as protection against Touch).

Projectile (Packet)

Throw a bird seed packet or foam ball at your opponent.


Instead of one of the above Methods, you can always use one of the Gestures below, where called for in the descriptions.



Hover both hands palm down over the recipient’s ‘injured’ area such as arm or leg.



With your fingers pressed together, wave your hand at eye level in front of your target’s face (think how Jedi use Mind Trick in the movies). If you are using the Focus Skill, stop and hold your hand in front of your target’s face.



Hold your arm straight out toward the target with two fingers up and apart, like a peace sign.



Hold your arm out toward the target with your fingers spread apart as if reaching out. 


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