Health Points (HP)

Apr. 16, 2021 9:39 pm

Health determines how much damage your character can take before Seriously Injured. You begin with a Health Rating of 10, which can be increased by Armor. As you take damage, deduct the amount from your current HP, which is restored to full at the beginning of each event and during game via various means. You cannot have more than the Health Rating. 

  1. Seriously Injured

When you have taken enough damage to reduce your Health Points to zero, you are Seriously Injured where you must fall to the ground do anything for 60 seconds. You may call out, or use an electronic device, in an attempt to call for help. You can be healed by Cure Health. 

  1. Knocked Out

If you were not healed at least 1 HP while Seriously Injured, you are now Knocked Out for 10 minutes. You are no longer able to speak or move. You can be healed by Cure Health. Be aware of your surroundings and move if you are in the middle of combat.

  1. Death

Death occurs if you were not healed at least 1 HP while Knocked Out, you are now Dead. You need a Defibrillator to revive you.  You must play dead for at least 60 seconds, after which you can continue to play dead for as long as you wish. Once you decide to no longer play dead, go OOG to either change into your Secondary, or volunteer to NPC.


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