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Dec. 30, 2019 6:59 pmroguethief   Character Guide

Any character may detain another character. A Player's movement OOG should never actually be impeded or restricted by a room, door, or binding.

  • Locked Room - Never really lock a door, use a Lock prop. A person in a Locked room may leave after 30 unguarded minutes assuming that ‘there was a loose bar or open window’. The presence of a guard negates this. Climbing out windows, breaking props, ignoring Locks (without an IG ability) and playing other characters is not permitted.

  • Bindings - Wrist bindings (rope, cuffs, etc.) prevents the character from using their hands for 5 minutes. The player holds the bindings in their hands. The duration pauses if another character holds the bindings, or resets if another character ‘tightens’ them.

  • Long Term Detainment - If a character is to be detained for longer than four hours, escort the character to an OOG area so the player can play another character.