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Jan. 2, 2020 8:51 amroguethief   Character Guide

Any character can wear armor. Armor is split into pieces, worn in a Location Area, each with a value determined by Armor Type that increases your Health rating. Wearing armor beyond the point threshold or anywhere else on your person is costume. Armor can be made of any material as long as the finished product looks real. 

  • Armor Types – Light armor (leather or chain) offers 1 HP per piece, and Heavy (plate) armor offers 2 HP per piece. No matter how you combine the Types or how many pieces you wear, your total Health Rating can never be higher than 20.

  • Location Areas – Torso (from collar bone to hip) separated into front and back, Arm (from wrist to elbow) separated into left and right, and Leg (from knee to ankle) separated into left and right. Only one piece of Armor can be worn in one Location.

    • Replica Cosplay Armor - torso armor pieces, such Stormtrooper or Mandalorian upper chest pieces, ignore the measurements for Torso given above. Replica armor must look like what is worn by Star Wars characters in the films.  

  • Armor Bonus - Armor increases your Health Rating giving you more HP. These additional HP are healed with Cure Health as normal. Adding Armor does not change your current HP, needing a Cure Health to bring the points up to the new Rating. Removing Armor lowers your HP only if it is currently higher than the new Health Rating after the Armor is removed.