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Jan. 2, 2020 8:38 amroguethief   Character Guide

Any character can use a walkie-talkie, smartphone, tablet, etc. to communicate with other characters as well as access the Intergalactic Bank (IGB), Holonet News, and SliceWare websites built for In-Game use. Additionally, information regarding Alien, Droid, and Human species as well as historical events pre-15BBY from the Wookiepedia may be used In-Game.

Restricted radio channels for Faction Contacts can be used only by players currently playing a character belonging to that Faction. Eavesdropping on these channels is cheating. All the other channels are open for you to use and switch between as you like.

  • Channel 2 - Empire Faction Contact
  • Channel 3 - Rebel Faction Contact
  • Channel 4 - Selvarin Faction Contact 
  • Channel 5 - Independent Faction Contact

If you need to reach your Faction Contact, don't go to Mission Control, use your radio instead and stay In-Game. The MCs will keep radios in Mission Control to monitor and answer incoming communications. If there is no answer right away, please be patient and keep trying.