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Jan. 2, 2020 8:29 amroguethief   Character Guide

The Imperial Credit of the Empire. All characters have an Intergalactic Bank account beginning with 2,000 Credits that are tracked and spent digitally via the IGB website. Credits are used for a variety of purchases of IG goods and services from other characters, the SliceWare, and the Item Store (for characters with Tag-producing Skills).

  • Credstick - a Credstick is a Credit in physical form represented by TGA-provided cards. You may withdraw credits from your account in Logistics when you check in for the event, or visit a IGB Bank Teller (when available) during an event to make transactions. You may take Credsticks home, or leave them with Logistics at the end of the event and the amount will be deposited to your account.

    • Replacement Policy - Staff are not responsible for lost and damaged Credsticks. Damaged Credsticks are replaced on a case-by-case basis only if the original Credstick is provided. Lost Credsticks are not replaced. It is your responsibility to keep track of them between events.

  • Stipend - When you check in at event, your Primary character gets 500 Credsticks (adjusted per Job) from Logistics, which cannot be spent with Logistics that event