Recharge Areas - Obelisk & Gonk

Jan. 2, 2020 8:39 am

A Recharge Area is a place where you go to restore Force Points. There are two Areas; the Obelisk for Aliens and Humans, and the Gonk for Droids. These areas cannot be moved, altered, copied, or stolen during an event. To restore FP, put Currency, or any type of Tag (not props) into the box and regain FP at the rate of 1 FP per 100 Credits. Tags are converted to Currency as listed in Character i.e. a Consumable restores 1 FP. Once Currency and Tags are put in the box, they are OOG and cannot be recovered during the game. Do not destroy Tags and Credsticks. They are recycled back into the game by Mission Control and Logistics after the event. 



General Rules

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