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Thieving from Characters

Jan. 2, 2020 8:42 amroguethief   Character Guide
  • Method: Touch
  • Sig Call: “Action, I am searching your person”

Any character can search a person. Use the Method, say the Sig Call, and: 

  • If the target is awake, the player chooses one In-Game Item to give to you immediately and they do not IG know they have been pick-pocketed. If the target uses Resist Status, then you have been caught red-handed and may face IG consequences.  
  • If the target is not awake/Knocked Out/Dead, the player must reveal all In-Game Items carried on their person, including in bags and boxes, but not secret compartments. You can take any or all In-Game Items. Do not wake up a sleeping player, just search their room.

Installed Augments cannot be stolen in this manner since those require the Cyberneticist/Droid Mechanic Skill to remove.