Apr. 16, 2021 9:50 pm

The Sliceware is a slicing (hacking) tool available to Primary Characters with the Computer Skill. The two main functions are to 1) Acquire Credits, and 2) Acquire Information.

Slicers must first gain access to a Target’s Intergalactic Bank (IGB) account by A) requesting access and the Target grants it, or B) spending Credits for each attempt to bypass the account’s Security Rating.

Once a Slicer has access to an Account, they will see a limited information about the Account Holder, and can perform one Action for free with additional Actions costing Credits. 

Account Holder Data

The Slicer can raise or lower the account’s Security Rating, and/or transfer Credits to another Account. The Slicer will lose access to the Account once the last Action available is taken. Using slice Tools on the Account does not count as Actions.

How to Protect Yourself 

On your Character Overview, check the Display Alias box. If the Slicer wants to see the Name, they will have to spend Credits on a slice Tool to do so. 

Get a Fake Badge. You can buy one via the Sliceware, or from a Slicer if you don’t have the Computer Skill. If the Slicer wants to see past a Fake Badge, they will have to spend Credits on a slice Tool to do so.

Increase your Security Rating. You cannot increase this yourself, even if you have Computer, you must have a Slicer to do this for you.