Apr. 16, 2021 3:38 pm

No matter the current state of the galaxy, there is always a need to ship goods. Whether the shipment is illegal contraband for a drug lord, or food to an oppressed and starving people, smugglers move products across the galaxy. Smuggling is not illegal, only if the cargo is. 

Smugglers choose smuggling Missions from the Faction Hub and collect credits when the cargo is delivered to the stated destination. Crates are created by Mission Control. Each Crate is 'sealed' with a Tamper Lock that must be broken to open the Crate. Mission Control will accept Tamper Locked Crates at 100% Mission Payout, but only 25% for Crates without the Tamper Lock.    


You will receive one (1) Tamper Lock from Logistics per event. This Tamper Lock can be used to replace a broken or missing Tamper Lock on a Crate.


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