Jul. 14, 2021 10:45 am

All participants of the game must have a character. Creating a character is easy and done online! First, here is a description of some terms you will see in the Character Manager:

Primary Character

You are expected to play only one main character of your creation for the entire duration of an event. This character is called your Primary. Your Primary is registered for events, receives the Stipend, has access to the banking and slicing sites, and can buy Tags for the event in the Item Store.

Backup Character

You can create a second character in the online system as a backup in case your Primary character is killed or otherwise removed from play. Backups do not receive any benefits or has access to any IG websites. If you want to play your Backup, log in to the Character Manager, change the Backup to Primary to gain access to the IGB and SliceWare sites. You will not get Tags from Logistics until the next event. 

Character Interactions

Though you are allowed up to two different characters, they cannot deliberately benefit or know each other. Any attempts to circumvent this by using intermediary characters is considered cheating. While it is possible for one of your characters to end  up  with  an  item or information from one of your  other  characters through innocent interactions, it should be avoided if possible and must never be intentional.

Non-Player Character (NPC)

These are characters created by Mission Control, and may be assigned to you to play at an event with any instructions coming from Mission Control. Playing an NPC is voluntary and you will Player Points for doing so. If you wish to volunteer, play your character at event as normal and wait until you hear the call for NPCs:

“Port Authority is in need of additional security. Volunteers are asked to report to Mission Control for assignment within the next [time frame].” 

Player Points (PP)

As you play the game, you earn PP to spend on your characters as you like anytime, even during an event (with internet access). PP cannot be transferred to other players. PP spent on a character are lost when that character dies, and unspent PP has no expiration.


Decide what type of character you want to play. Your character must be of your own creation and fit within the Star Wars universe. Characters cannot portray a real person or published character (ex: Darth Vader or Mark Hamill), nor can they be time travelers, from other IPs (game universes), or genres. Please contact our Character Guide.


Once your Character is approved, visit the Character's profile, click Print IG Badge. Take a screenshot of the badge and save it to your phone. Display this when asked In-Game. If your character has the Computer Skill, you can create a Fake Badge using the SliceWare.

Character Card

If the venue does not have internet, make sure your character is available either by downloading or printing a card that must be carried on your person at all times while you play that character. Only Staff may review your character information.


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