Millersylvania Retreat Center

12245 Tilley Road S.
Olympia, WA 98512

Campsite Information

PARKING: Out-of-Game area. Please park off the pavement to keep the area next to the dining hall clear.

The retreat center has a dining hall serving as the Cantina, and four groupings of heated cabins with bunk space on a first come, first serve basis. You cannot reserve a bunk, but you can have friends hold a bunk for you.

Cabin 10 is reserved for Staff and is an Out-of-Game area.

Cabin 17 has its own bathroom, and has priority bunk space for those with health requirements.

Bathrooms are Out-of-Game areas.

Capacity is 150. All participants must stay in a bunk. No RV or tent camping allowed. Registration will close if capacity is reached. Anyone arriving without registering will be turned away if capacity is reached.


You will need:

  • Read our Rule book.
  • Submit a character in the online Character Manager.
  • Register for the next event.
  • A Star Wars appropriate costume. If you are NPCing for Staff, a costume will be provided.
  • Props and toy weapons. If you are NPCing for Staff, these items will be provided.
  • Food for the weekend. If there is a meal plan, it is provided by a player. Dishes, utensils, and cookware is available at the Cantina, which you may use anytime. Please do not take dishes out of the Cantina, and clean up your own mess.
  • Bed clothes. Each bunk has a mattress but you must bring pillows and blankets.
  • Shower stuff. There are several showers located throughout the camp.
  • Warm clothing under your costume. Don't forget extra clothing such as socks.
  • Cabin decoration. Not a requirement, but you are encourage to deck out your cabin as it is an In-Character area.