Apr. 16, 2021 8:31 pm


Base Damage

Melee (sword, axe, Brawl, etc)


Projectile (blaster dart, throwable weapon, etc)





All weapons must meet Weapon Specifications and approved by Safety Staff.

Fight with only one weapon at a time, except via Dual Weapon and Brawling.

A single damage attack is never higher than 5.

Your attacks must allow time for opponents to react to each strike, about one second apart.

Effect Use Order: use Method > say Sig Call > spend Force Points, or tear a Tag.


Combat is simple and fast where you use foam padded weapons to tap an opponent, or blasters to shoot a foam dart, anywhere on their body hard enough to feel, but never hard enough to hurt. When getting hit, deduct the amount of damage of the weapon from your Health pool. Hits to the head, hands, feet, and groin do not count and cannot be used to block hits. Since this is a touch-based form of LARP combat, be prepared to be hit at any time for any In-Game reason.

There are no damage calls in combat when using just the weapons described above at base damage. You simply use your weapon and strike your opponent. However, combat can be hectic or nighttime can hinder your opponent’s ability to see your weapon. In those cases, you may optionally call out the damage number, ex: “2”, with each strike.

Weapon strikes, and dart hits, must be far enough apart to allow time for your opponent to react, which is about one second. If you are striking or firing darts too fast, it is all considered a single attack and the opponent can call “Machine Gunning” ignoring all damage and effects from that attack. You should then slow your attacks down. Note that Machine Gunning is a form of cheating and repeated offenses will be addressed by Staff.


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