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Dec. 30, 2019 11:10 amroguethief   Character Guide
  • Prerequisite Skill: Medic

When using the Medic Skill, healing a patient takes only 15 seconds instead of 30. Additionally, if you use a Cure Health Effect, 10 HP is restored instead of 5.

Cosmetics - Alter the appearance of another Alien or Human character. Alterations can be subtle or dramatic, such as removing horns or looking like another Species entirely. The patient can be willing or unwilling, conscious or not. Administer a Conergin and mime operating on the patient for 60 seconds to ‘alter’ the body part in question. Then administer Bacta Nanites. Work with the Player to represent the feature with realistic makeup/mask/costuming. Only one feature can be changed per use: hair/tendrils, ears, horns, skin color, skull shape, hands, wings, and tail. You cannot use this on yourself.