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Jan. 2, 2020 8:41 amroguethief   Character Guide

To be clear, this refers to pretend theft. Real life theft of anything that does not belong to you, including food, will not be tolerated. Now let’s talk about pretend theft:

  • In-Game Items - Only Tagged props, Credits and Credsticks, IG flags/banners, and books/papers containing IG information such as maps and journals, can be taken. You cannot take anything else, including non-Tagged weapons and armor, unless you have explicit permission from the prop owner.
  • Handling Props - Using a Tagged prop that is not your own is your responsibility while you have it. Intentional damage to props is expressly forbidden. You can move non-Tagged weapons and armor out of reach from a fallen foe or carry the items with you if you are moving the prop owner elsewhere. At the end of the event, you can choose to keep any Tags, but all props must be returned to the owner.
  • Carrying / Storing Items - IG Items can be carried anywhere on your person. Secret compartments are not permitted in clothing, but are allowed in bags and boxes. You must store IG Items stolen and for the character you are actively playing in an IG area. IG Items for your other characters must be kept in an OOG area.