Oct. 5, 2021 11:52 am

The oppression of the Empire has caused strife and anguish throughout the galaxy. As a result, there are those who wish to rebel and fight for freedom. There aren’t many, but the Rebellion is growing… In-Game details about the Rebellion.


Overthrow the Empire, seek out others who would fight with you.

Playing a Rebel

Since there is no Alliance yet and the rebellion is currently made up of small cells operating seperate from each other, much of the rebel activity happens in secret. As a Rebel player, you will want to keep the fact that you are fighting the Empire to yourself or risk being hunted by the Empire. This does not mean that you will be isolated, though at first it may feel like it. You will have to do some leg work to get involved with the Rebellion, starting with Rebel Missions and the Rebel Faction Contact found in the Galactic Database. Eventually, you will meet other Rebel players via meetings with the Faction Contact and by other means. Don't forget about the Agenda of seeking out other like-minded individuals. Finally, Rebel players often front as Independents or Selvarins and become involved in activities there. 


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