Rights of LARP

Aug. 13, 2021 9:03 am

These rights apply to all players, including Staff, at the Galaxy Awaits LARP. This enforceable set of rights are designed to ensure a safe environment for you while allowing you to play the game as you see fit, within our policies and game play rules.

If you observe anyone violating these rights, including but not limited to, abusing these rights to rescue their character from In-Game situations or as an excuse for real life toxic behaviour, please contact the Organizers.

You have the right not to be judged in real life due to actions of your character In-Game.

You aren't your character. Your character isn't you. It is extremely important in roleplay to understand that IC (in character) is not OOC (out of character) and vice versa. If someone thinks your character is an asshole, that doesn't mean they don't like you or that you’re an asshole in real life. If your character is in love with another character, it doesn't mean you are in love with that character (or that character's player). Players can be best friends in real life, but their characters hate each other. The wall there, that understanding that IC is not OOC, is important to have.

Galaxy Awaits embraces drama and conflict between characters. Don’t take it personally. Players aren’t plotting against you. They are playing characters plotting against your character. Even characters that are allies with your character are free to plot against your character. Conversely, your character can plot against any other character. You should not be shamed OOC for what your character does IC. Keep what characters do to each other In-Game and have fun with it!

You have the right to step away from an In-Game situation if you feel too uncomfortable.

If you feel uncomfortable during any In-Game scene, use the OK Check-In system to indicate your feelings, or if you need to, call a Stand Down to pause the game. You are free to step away from uncomfortable scenes at any time without concern about how or if the scene will continue without you. You are free to step away from uncomfortable scenes and not be guilted or coerced by other players for doing so. You are more important than a scene, and a scene is never more important than player safety.

You have the right to leave Galaxy Awaits if you feel you cannot continue playing for any reason.

Your participation in Galaxy Awaits is entirely voluntary. You are free to stop attending events and/or participating in the community for any reason, and you don’t have to explain your reasons to anyone. You may have friends tell you that they will miss you at game, but any form of peer pressure to get you to stay is not acceptable.

Policies & Safety

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