OK Check-In

Aug. 13, 2021 9:54 am

The OK Check-In is a method to ensure all parties are okay and to signal a need for negotiation or care.

Player 1 begins the OK Check-In with:

‘Are you okay?’ Player 1 flashes the ‘O’ hand signal - with all fingers and thumb touching in an ‘o’ - to another player and establishes eye contact. 


Player 2 responds to the signal with one of three responses: 

Thumbs Up ‘Doing fine, no need for follow-up.’ 

Play continues without interruption.

Thumbs Down ‘I am not okay.’ 

Player 1 should respond with “Let me escort you to sick bay” and walk with the player to a Designated Place to talk. If needed, a Staff member can be called in to assist.

For all other players, the scene immediately ends and it is assumed your character had fallen unconscious or otherwise freed.

Flat Hand ‘I am not sure.’

Player 1 should respond as if a Thumbs Down was shown.

The Designated Place is either A) the office inside the Dining Hall if it is not being used In-Game by other players at that moment, or B) the shower building near Cabin 6.

The OK Check-In is meant for Out-of-Game personal safety of the players. This may not be used to escape your character from In-Game consequences. 

OK Check-In System Demonstration

The video is also available on our website

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