Tough themes are often explored in LARP as a form of conflict or person exploration. Below details how Galaxy Awaits: Rise of an Empire addresses them:


Activities illegal by Federal and State law are not permitted. Any such activities will be reported to the authorities, and results in immediate and permanent expulsion from the Galaxy Awaits: Rise of an Empire group.


All participants, player and Staff alike, are expected to treat each other in a friendly manner on Galaxy Awaits: Rise of an Empire social media, and in person at Galaxy Awaits: Rise of an Empire events. Everyone who attends a Galaxy Awaits: Rise of an Empire event should feel welcome and safe, and play free of harassment, discrimination, and intimidation based on, but not limited to, a player's gender, sexual preferences, race and culture, politics, religion, and financial income. If you are making another player feel uncomfortable or unsafe in any way or your behavior is offensive, you will be asked to stop and receive a Warning. "Acting as your character" is not an excuse as we do not allow character backgrounds involve triggering topics such as sexual assault. If you do not stop the offending behavior or repeat the offense, you will be immediately and permanently expelled from the Galaxy Awaits: Rise of an Empire group. A permanent ban of known white supremacists/Nazi's, Missing Stairs, and Toxic LARPers is maintained by Galaxy Awaits: Rise of an Empire.


There will be decisions made by Staff that will affect you and the game at some point. While Staff is always open to receive suggestions from the players, and Staff is not required to implement all suggestions, you are asked to trust that all decisions are for the benefit of the game as a whole. If you disagree with the decisions of Staff, present alternative solutions in a constructive manner. We always strive to make Galaxy Awaits: Rise of an Empire a better game and listen to our players. However, if you simply don't like how the game is run, then perhaps this isn't the game for you.


Photos and videos posted on the Galaxy Awaits LARP Facebook group may be used by Galaxy Awaits staff for advertising purposes. If you do not wish to appear in our advertisements, please continue to post, then contact the Organizers and we will no longer use your images.


Assume alcohol is not permitted at Galaxy Awaits: Rise of an Empire events as a permit is required for alcohol on-site and we do not get one for our weekend events. However, there may be events where we do allow alcohol and those events will be clearly marked. If you are found to be too intoxicated to participate in the game in a safe manner, you will be pulled from play until you are sober and given a Warning.


Intentionally cheating the rules in the Galaxy Awaits Rule Book and the intent of this game for your personal benefit does not make for a fun game for anyone else. Common practices of cheating include but are not limited to: You will be given a Warning for the first time you intentionally cheat, but the second time results in immediate and permanent expulsion from the Galaxy Awaits: Rise of an Empire group.


Used for emergencies, such as possible injury, anyone can call "Stand Down" to pause the game. All players are expected to immediately stop playing the game and stay in their spot while the situation is resolved by a Staff member. Once everything is okay, Staff will call a "3, 2, 1 Lay on" and the game continues.


There are two instances where you may be touched as part of the rules of the game: Touching another player, outside the above rules requirements, without their express permission is not allowed. If you absolutely do not want to be touched by anyone for any reason, you may wear a yellow armband signifying you are a Non-Combatant as detailed in the Galaxy Awaits Rule Book.


This game may explore dark and violent concepts inflicted on characters, such as torture, that some players may not be comfortable with. If you observe such a scene, you may simply leave. If your character is the target of said violence, you may call for a "Fade to black" which means the scene immediately ends and it is assumed your character had fallen unconscious. This is not intended to allow you to break the policies above, and may not be used to escape your character from In-Game consequences.


If you are expelled from a Galaxy Awaits: Rise of an Empire event, you are not entitled to a refund of event fees and donated funds.

If you are expelled before playing a Galaxy Awaits: Rise of an Empire event, you will be refunded any event fees and donated funds paid.