December 2, 7 AFE (12 BBY)

Other Traditions

Apr. 17, 2021 9:11 am

These Force Traditions existed during the Empire era of our game. If a Tradition, other than the Inquisitors and Jedi, is not included here, then it cannot be chosen for your character and/or portrayed in game.




The Agents of Ossus

Repositories of knowledge, these agents are a collection of scholars that grew during the Dark Times, collecting and save knowledge before the Empire could eradicate it.


The Baran Do Sages

Ancient advisors to the Kel Dor people, The Baran Do Sages were largely absorbed by the Jedi order until their subsequent purge, after which The Baran Do Sages grew back into their former glory.

Member of the Kel Dor Species

The Believers

A Dark Side faction harkening back to the ancient days of the Sith order, before Darth Bane's creation of the rule of two.


The Blackguard

A Dark Side cult, splintered from The Sith during the late stages of The Republic Dark Age.

Native to the planet Mustafar

The Disciples of Twilight

Shadowy Force-users, bending the light and dark to hide themselves from others.


The Ember of Vahl

Dark force users that worship their fiery goddess of destruction Vahl.

Member of the Vahla Species

The Fallanassi

Followers of "The White Current," The Fallanassi are an isolationist group.


The Jal Shey

The Jal Shey is one of the oldest known Force Traditions, an one of the most wide-ranging. Unlike other traditions, the Jal Shey study The Force from an intellectual, scientific point of view, rather than a spiritual journey.


The Jensaarai

Stalwart protectors of their homes and families, wielding the Light and the Dark in tandem.


The Keetael

On the Draethos homeworld of Thosa, warriors and hunters dominate the culture. Unsurprisingly, the Draethos Force Tradition of Keetael uses The Force to increase fighting and hunting prowess.

Member of the Draethos Species

The Kilian Rangers

Investigators and guardians of Kilia IV, aiding the people with mastery of both The Force and intuition.

Native to the planet Kilia IV

The Krath

The Krath are a Sith-inspired organization created by the cousins Satal and Aleema Keto, heirs to the Empress Teta System (Formally the Koros System of the Unification Wars).


The Luka Sene

Members of the Luka Sene participate in all aspects of society and all fields. Most have only small degrees of increased sensitivity, which they use to improve their own lives, careers, and Miraluka society.

Member of the Miraluka Species

The Matukai

A seclusive group of Force-using martial artists, The Matukai rarely involved themselves in galactic affairs, choosing instead to practice their arts.


The Order of Shasa

The Order of Shasa is a new Force Tradition, formed just after the end of the Jedi Civil War. Named for its founder, the Order developed a doctrine of peace and defense, to protect themselves from Sith influence.

Member of the Selkath Species; Native to the planet Manaan

The Shapers of Kro Var

The Shapers of Kro Var channel The Force into showy displays of power that are keyed to the four classic elements of nature- air, earth, fire, and water.

Native to the planet Kro Var

The Tyia

A peaceful sect of Force-users, The Tyia were one of the few Force Traditions to openly practice their art during the reign of the Empire.


The Wardens of the Sky

The Wardens of the Sky are a group of vigilante Force-user who patrol the hyperspace lanes, keeping them safe from pirates and other wrongdoers.


The Witches of Dathomir

Primitive witches who wield The Force in its raw, unfiltered state.

Female; Native to the planet Dathomir

The Zeison Sha

Believing themselves to have been "Abandoned" by the Jedi order, The Zeison Sha made themselves self-sufficient and adaptable to the ways of The Force.




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