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"The Inquisitorius. A project of mine, long planned. Slaves to the light side once, now awake. Hunters, one and all."
"What do they hunt?"
"Why, Jedi, of course."
―Darth Sidious and Darth Vader

The Inquisitorius is an organization of mysterious, Force-sensitive Dark Side agents who serve the Galactic Empire. Members of the Inquisitorius are called Imperial Inquisitors, or simply Inquisitors. They are hunters given targets under one of the four following projects: Great Jedi Purge, Political Dissident, Project Harvester, and Artifact Collector.

Great Jedi Purge

The Inquisitors’ primary task is to hunt down any remaining Jedi who survived Order 66 at the end of the Clone Wars. Inquisitors must first attempt to turn a Jedi to the Dark Side. Failing that, the Jedi is to be arrested and taken to the Inquisitorius Headquarters. Outright killing a Jedi for any reason that isn’t self-defense is a punishable offense. 

Political Dissident

Inquisitors hunt any person or persons considered a threat to the Empire. Senators, planetary leaders, rogue Inquisitors, and Dark- or Light- Side Force-users who refuse to join the Empire. These hunts may be arrests, abductions, or assassinations.

Project Harvester

Children identified as Force-sensitive are collected by Inquisitors and brought back to Inquisitorius Headquarters for training. 

Artifact Collector

Spread across the galaxy are Force relics, lightsabers, holocrons, text scrolls, places, and other Force-related artifacts. Inquisitors are to collect these items, or record their locations, and deliver them to Inquisitorius Headquarters. Inquisitors in the farther reaches of the galaxy are permitted use of these items to aid them in their tasks.


The exact number of Inquisitors is kept secret from the public. The most well known Inquisitors are the Grand Inquisitor and Second Sister through Tenth Brother. Other Inquisitors, such as your character, are lower ranking and sent out across the galaxy on various missions.   


Darth Vader heads the Inquisitor Program. In the beginning, Vader personally trained the Grand Inquisitor and Second Sister through Tenth Brother. Now Vader maintains oversight by receiving reports from the Grand Inquisitor and occasionally visiting the Inquisitorius Headquarters.

The Grand Inquisitor manages the day-to-day at the Inquisitorius Headquarters from training recruits to collecting reports from Inquisitors out in the field. The Grand inquisitor rarely leaves Coruscant, except on special assignments from Darth Vader. 

Inquisitors in the field are those who survived training and were granted the title of Inquisitor. Assigned a rank number, these individuals are NOT Sith. They are Dark Adepts, Force-sensitives trained enough in the Dark Side to perform their duties as Jedi Hunters. 

Initiates are children and adults training to be an Inquisitor. Initiates have no authority and are expected to obey any Inquisitor who gives them an order.

Your character is either an Inquisitor in the field, or an Initiate.  


Initiates are typically trained by the Grand Inquisitor at the Inquisitorus Headquarters on Coruscant. As Darth Vader trained him, the Grand Inquisitor is a harsh instructor willing to inflict pain, scars, and even dismemberment. There are more Inquisitors with prosthetic or cybernetic limbs than not.

Some Initiates are assigned to an Inquisitor for training becoming Master and Apprentice. This is a common practice for Inquisitors on assignment in the Outer Rim to take on an Initiate as an Apprentice and quickly begin the Initiate's descent into the Dark Side.

Training for your character was either by the Grand Inquisitor at the Inquisitorius Headquarters as part of your character background, or by an Inquisitor player where your character is an Initiate and training occurs as part of role-play during game events and online role-play.  


Due to the nature of their mission, Inquisitors have the power to commandeer any required Imperial Military forces, and all officers regardless of rank are to obey their orders. Any officer who comes into contact with Force-sensitive beings is to immediately contact an Inquisitor to investigate the situation.

Inquisitors command Purge Troopers, elite death squads composed of the last generation of clones brought online after Order 66.

Inquisitor Ranks are the numbered labels of the Inquisitors denoting a position of authority over each other. All Inquisitors are assigned a number, though not all choose to go by that as a name. You must choose a number for your character that is 11 or higher (the character creator will determine number availability), then you may use the number naming convention of the first ten Inquisitors, or a moniker reminiscent of ancient Sith such as Draekon or Viper.

Inquisitors are expected to keep each other informed and most importantly, file reports in the Imperial Database, an online tool available on the Galaxy Awaits website. 


Playing an Inquisitor does not mean your character will be killed on sight, nor does it mean you should kill other characters on sight, even rebels and Jedi. The Galaxy Awaits LARP is a political game, not open warfare. In the interest of creating fun and intriguing stories for everyone, Imperial representatives sent to Selvaris are ordered to observe and gain control of situations, and Inquisitors must try to convert Force-users to the Dark Side. Using potential enemies as pawns to root out the rebellion is much more fun for players than simply killing off characters. Character death can certainly happen, and that's okay. Just consider all the options first, or if it provides a fun story for all involved.


Tenth Brother: "Smells like fish."
Ninth Sister: "That's just Sixth Brother."
Tenth Brother: "More like fish, then."
Sixth Brother: "Hilarious."
―The Tenth Brother and Ninth Sister make fun of Sixth Brother

The Inquisitors hold a mutual acquaintance relationship with each other since many often have to work together on the same assignments or when they’re up against larger threats. Some individuals may form friendships, such as the two known to always toast the induction or death of a Jedi they hunted together. 

Despite the mutual camaraderie between the Inquisitors, they are users of the Dark Side. There is a sense of competition between them, though it is played off as having some ‘sport’. Others become power hungry and plot against the other Inquisitors in an effort to prove their worth while making the others seem weak. 

Free Time Activities

Inquisitors do enjoy an amount of free time between their missions and duties. Some choose to pursue studies in the Force, enjoy a drink at the local cantina, or any number of other personal interests one may have. 

VIDEO: Inquisitor Free Time Activities

Inquisitorius Mandates

Friendships and camaraderie is permitted. Romantic relationships, however, are strictly forbidden since that would distract from the overall mission and lead to betrayal of the Empire. Any Inquisitor caught in a romantic relationship is imprisoned for life or executed. 

Some Inquisitors cross the line in their competition with one another by attacking another Inquisitor with intent to kill, or by exposing them to the enemy. This betrayal is a grave offense punishable by imprisonment for life or execution. 

Inquisitors may use Light Side abilities and relics to accomplish their mission. However, any Inquisitor who turns to the Light Side of the Force is hunted down and imprisoned for life or executed.

Once an Inquisitor, always an Inquisitor. Leaving the Inquisitorus and/or the Empire is not an option. Any Inquisitor who defects is considered a traitor and is hunted down and imprisoned for life or executed.


Corox Station is a small town on the planet Selvaris in the Outer Rim where the game takes place. Your character was assigned to Selvaris, either specifically to Corox Station or visiting the area to check out the below rumors.

Why are so many Inquisitors on the planet Selvaris, and Corox Station in particular? There are a number of reasons:

Contrary to public belief, Inquisitors do not always operate alone, rather they function best as a team. They are dispatched based on the weight of the subject. A single Inquisitor may be sent to retrieve a Force relic, while a team of Inquisitors are sent to hunt down a Jedi. 

Selvaris attracted the attention of the Inquisitors after rumors of Jedi hiding in the rural forested world were spread. At least one Jedi has been discovered so far, and the Inquisitors assigned to the planet suspect others.

Located in Corox Station is a Force vergence in the form of an ancient stone obelisk. What is the obelisk? Why is it there? Who built it, and when? These are frequently asked questions for which there has yet to be any answers. 

Rumors persist of a cave, or network of caves, filled with kyber. If this is true, Selvaris would become an important resource of the crystals for the Empire. So far, no solid evidence has been discovered.


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