December 2, 7 AFE (12 BBY)

Corox Station - Game Venue

Oct. 5, 2021 11:51 am

The game takes place here and is represented by the campsite used for weekend events.

A formerly bustling trade and resort town, Corox Station fell on hard times when the more extreme environmental politicians gained power, as the town was not one of the few allowed to maintain their own landing facility or major transportation hub. As a result of these new restrictions the town shrunk quickly, loosing much of their normal revenue, and many people moved to the larger cities that still had such luxuries.

During the years before and during the Clone Wars and the local Faux Troubles, Corox Station had a slight resurgence, as it became a destination for those seeking to get farther away from the trappings of civilization, or the more watchful security forces of the larger cities. Hunters, wilderness enthusiasts, scientists conducting experiments on the flora and fauna, and those on the fringes of society began to travel to Corox Station, and to other similar communities on Selvaris, leading to a stabilization of their economies, mostly around tourism and escapism, with a small smattering of local events drawing interest as well.
With the rise of the Empire, and their growing interest in Selvaris and its out-of-the-way communities, Corox Station is a sleepy town that appears to be resting on a fault line, waiting for something to shake their world.


Government positions are all elected by a vote of the Locals in residence at the time of the vote. No specific term limits are dictated, but prolonged absence or incompetence can lead to a recall vote by the Locals in residence, or a call from a higher planetary authority to vote to fill such a vacancy.


The Mayor of Corox Station is often a figurehead position with little official direct power.  It is the responsibility of the Mayor to be the face of the town.

  • The Mayor has the power to call a vote of all Locals.  No laws can be changed unless a majority of the residents of Corox Station vote in favor of it.
  • Only the Mayor can call for a vote, and only the Mayor can dictate what is to be voted on.  In the event of a tie, the Mayor’s vote is considered to count as one extra vote (and thus the tiebreaker).

The Judge of Corox Station has sole discretion to interpret the laws of Corox Station and decides the punishments to be met out for anyone found to have violated the laws.

  • The Judge makes judgements and issues punishments upon anybody brought before them by a member of the local constabulary.  It is the Judge’s discretion to listen to testimony or review evidence before making a judgement.
  • Only the Judge may decide if the Police Chief has violated the law in any way. In this event, a Judge may appoint temporary deputies if needed to detain the Police Chief.
Police Chief

The Police Chief of Corox Station apprehends law breakers, and enforces judgements made by the Judge.

  • The Police Chief has sole authority to detain people suspected of committing a crime and is authorized to use force when deemed necessary.
  • The Police Chief has the authority to deputize others to assist with enforcement duties.  Such deputies are temporary, sometimes only lasting for one or two specific tasks, and are not considered members of the constabulary.
  • The Police Chief may hire up to 2 Sergeants.  Sergeants are members of the local constabulary and answer directly to the Police Chief.  Only the Police Chief may decide if a Sergeant has violated the law.  


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