December 2, 7 AFE (12 BBY)


Sep. 17, 2019 11:08 am

No matter the current state of the galaxy, there is always a need to ship goods. Whether the shipment is illegal contraband for a drug lord, or food to an oppressed and starving people, smugglers move products across the galaxy. Smuggling is not illegal, only if the cargo is.    


Collect and ‘ship’ Crates for profit. Valid Crates have an official packing slip, sealed, and sent out by the Story Coordinators during events. To receive payment, deliver the Crate to Logistics at the next event or later. You will earn 150% of the value listed on the packing slip. Ex: for a value of 100c, you are paid 150c. Credits are paid only if the Crate is sealed and to only one Smuggler. Some Crates may be Locked, contain illegal contraband, or have contents worth more than what is listed on the packing slip.


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