December 2, 7 AFE (12 BBY)


Nov. 5, 2020 9:50 pm
3/13 First Contact A day to commemorate the first interaction between the colonists and the natives. A day of remembrance and renewal of agreements. The Odho often send a representative, but are still uncertain how much interaction there should be between the cultures, especially in the new uncertain times.
4/12 - 4/15 Borada races A species of plains herbivores, these bipeds stand about two meters tall, with a pair of nubs where forelimbs are theorized to be developing through evolution. On this date, the communities around the plains take part in a series of races riding the quick-footed borada, culminating in a 1000km, no-holds-barred race across the plains from one community to another. Each community puts up a prize for the winner, second place, and the last finisher. The last finisher is often such because of injury sustained during the race and honored for finishing after the ordeal.
Some communities farther from the plains find these races barbaric or cruel, but so far no serious attempt has been made to outlaw them in the last 550 years.
First weekend of the fifth month Celebration of Lights A cheerful sounding event, this is actually a day in which the Mandalorian clans on Selvaris light candles or hang lights and such in rememberance of those they have lost in the previous year. Different family groups or clans have different traditions on how it is celebrated, but some sort of lighting ceremony and a speech by an elder is common.
5/23 Empire Day The day the galaxy celebrates the formation of the Empire. This is a new event for Selvaris, brought to the planet in recent years by Imperial missions. Participation is not currently compulsory, but locales with an Imperial presence tend to at least pay lip service to the day.
6/5 Settlement Day A day marked among the local Mandalorian clans on Selvaris, it commemorates the end of the Interloper Period and their being awarded settlement and citizenship rights after their assistance in Selvaris' fight against Palanhi. Usually accompanied by feasts and contests of skills, this day can also be a time for clans to decide major internal issues, such as changes in leadership.
The non-Mandalorian regions of Selvaris mark this day as the end of the Interloper Period, but celebrate it often with patriotic events such as parades, rallies, and speeches by various leaders. Most people consider it a nice day for getting away from work.
8/22 - 8/25 Arrival Days A three day holiday to commemorate the colonists coming to Selvaris. One day of fasting to remember the long trip and heartache at leaving their homes in the Old Republic, one day of service to remember the fighting and destruction caused by the first Regressives, and the final day of celebration and feasting to celebrate the beginning of the colony.
Summer solstice Days of Cacophony A three day "event" where the native birds make noise all day, for the three days of the solstice. For some birds it is part of their mating rituals, but for most it is in response to the magnetic fields being affected by the twin suns more than usual at this time of the year. People tend to stay in doors at this time, as more birds than people realize exist take part.
10/13 Harvest Passing A general day set aside to mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the colder months. Much of the traditional food crops for export are harvested around this time. Gatherings of friends or families, sports contests and competitions, and performances mark this day. Some locales spread this over more days, but only one day is globally recognized.
Fall equinox Festival of the Talking Trees An indigenous event, where the trees appear to talk. Actually a trick of dried out bark, wind, and a variety of cold weather insects waking from their summer hybernation, the natives follow the sounds as part of their yearly coming of age and naming ceremonies, hoping to find inspiration for the next year in what they hear.
12/16 Unification A day to mark the end of the Integration Wars between the colonists and the Regressives, and the accords that brought a semblance of peace and cooperation between the two cultures. Different areas mark this event differently, some with contests and celebrations, others with more somber events.
Random heat waves during the fall and winter Emergence When a heatwave occurs in between mid fall and early spring, a species of insects wakes from their burrows high in trees and cliffs. Grouping in swarms, these insects will descend on warm-blooded creatures they see and attempt to lay their eggs in their bodies. The natives have devised methods of hiding their presence from these swarms, and the colonists quickly developed personal devices to perform a similar function. The longest recorded Emergence was nine days, but most tend to fall around the two day mark when they occur. This is not a guaranteed event, as weather patterns and other conditions need to be right to generate such out of season heat waves.


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