December 2, 7 AFE (12 BBY)

Region - Inkari Province

Feb. 11, 2021 3:11 pm

Lior Station - Capital of Inkari Province - Inkari Province is known for their herds of borada, a source of wealth and pride for those on the plains. People travel from all over the planet for the Races held in the spring, and the many small villages and ranches around the plains take great pride in the quality of the creatures they breed and raise.
Lior Station grew up to be the capital of Inkari Province through happenstance, as the decision between the two main towns of Inkari, Lior Station and Kunkoro, was settled by the first Borada Race, almost 500 years ago. As such, Lior Station natives take great pride in their record over the centuries, having performed better than Kunkoro about 52% of the time in the annual races.
Liori, as the residents of the town are known in the region, look for any reason to race, as much of their identity is tied up in the sport. They will race on any creature provided, as well as any vehicle they can acquire, leading to a thriving industry in manufacturing fast watercraft for rivers and oceans.

Kunkoro - Don’t mention the Liori and their 52% better record to a Kunkoro native. As they are quick to point out, that statement doesn’t mean they have won 52% of all the Borada Races in history, just that they placed a spot higher a few times more than Kunkoro racers. And most of the time they were using gear made in Kunkoro
While Lior Station brags about their racing prowess, Kunkoro just continues to produce quality racing goods and accessories, as well as items for any other purpose. Most people in the know visit Kunkoro when they want their vehicle or home to look like a million credits. Craftsmen here scorn modern mass-produced items, preferring to hand-craft as much as possible, leading many to charge exorbitant rates for items that an automated fabricator could produce for a twentieth the price, yet people continue to pay for it, with many seein it as a mark of status to have a ship, speeder, or home full of Kunkoro decorations.
Kunkoro, due to its position on the coast, has a thriving maritime presence, and dominantes much of it due to a lack of presence of any major competitors on the Dambian Sea or around the unexplored Marsano islands. The combination of their sought after craftsmen and maritime dominance of the region has led them to be much wealthier than Lior Station, a fact they try to slip into conversations when possible.


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