December 2, 7 AFE (12 BBY)

Region - Ekiam City-State

Feb. 11, 2021 3:52 pm

A city-state that lies to the north of Anek, at the northern end of the Gulf of Anek, Ekiam was once under Anek control but managed to separate from them about 300 years ago, leaving a tense standoff in the region. As Anek concentrates on exploiting the land to their south, Ekiam does the same to their north and east, thus maintaining this balance, but never quite healing the divide.
Much of their wealth is derived from the seas, with cultivation of aquatic farms to produce valuable local products. The other main source is rare finds in the northern Govan Wastes. While similar in quality to those Anek produces from the southern Wastes, Ekiam does not devote as much resource to exploring the Wastes.
Ekiam is well known on the planet for its wide variety of seafood dishes, and their chefs are accorded much respect in the few high-end establishments on the planet. Wearing black versions of the typical Ekaim tailed peaked hats, they are only matched in status by the Deep Singers.
These vocalists, wearing a green version of the typical Ekaim headwear, originate from the edge of the Wastes, where the nomads chant in guttural fashion to pass the long hours in complicated verses, passing them back and forth, raising in complexity until one bows out of the competition. These singers often request strange things as part of their payments to perform, such as raw materials or building components for their nomadic skimmers, but one was even known to perform for a meal and a drawing from a child.


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