December 2, 7 AFE (12 BBY)


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Also known as: the Resistance, Rebels, Seperatists

Game Rules for the Rebellion

The Rebellion is currently made up of multiple cells throughout the galaxy operating individually from each other, though many maintain some form of communication through encoded channels. The Rebel Alliance as depicted in Star Wars Rebels, Rogue One, and A New Hope, does NOT exist yet.

The resistance cells are usually made up of small groups and ship crews taking small risks against the Empire. Whether that risk is smuggling medical supplies or food to heavy hit areas, assisting a Jedi’s escape, or hacking into the Imperial Database, the resistance cells do whatever they can to fight back against the Empire. 


These cells may or may not be known by the Empire, but word of their accomplishments against the Empire have spread through the Network, an online tool available on the Galaxy Awaits website. Your character is a member of one of these cells, or may have at least heard of them via the Network.

Bail Organa’s Resistance Movement

Headquarters: Alderaan (planet)
Founded: 19BBY
Leader: Bail Organa

Almost immediately after the formation of the Galactic Empire, Senator Bail Organa formed a resistance movement. The movement is the first organized resistance group by using the power and wealth of Alderaan, which includes royal and personal fortunes. Organa is able to bring about firepower and other difficult to obtain assets, and his movement actively recruits similarly-minded individuals after a thorough vetting process.

Organa's resistance tries to be aware of reports and rumors throughout the galaxy on rebellious and insurgent activity, looking for successful independent resistance groups that have indicated a possible ally or even a surviving Jedi. Organa's mix of available units is always changing. Some are under his personal command, while other forces are allies that are willing to lend their support through the means of action. Due to his position, Organa and his movement are able to call upon Alderaan military forces and an assortment of starships when more firepower was needed.

Organa's resistance movement maintains a network of secret agents, known as Fulcrums, and influential politicians that are tapped for information or covert operations. Due to Alderaan's reputation for their relief efforts, Organa's resistance movement is able to dispatch personnel and starships to areas in a conflict where the Galactic Empire would normally be wary of outside attention.


"We are not insurgents. We are partisans. We are a rebellion. I bring battle-hardened fighters. I bring experienced tacticians. I bring pilots, a squadron of them. I bring the means with which to fight back. I am inviting you, both of you, to join me in this."
―Saw Gerrera to Baze Malbus and Chirrut Îmwe

Headquarters: Jedha City
Founded: 19BBY
Leader: Saw Gerrera

The Partisans, also referred to as Saw Gerrera's militia and Saw Gerrera's rebels, are a militant insurgent group and rebel cell who enacts armed campaigns against the Galactic Empire. Led and founded by Saw Gerrera in 19 BBY, the Partisans played a part in destabilizing Gerrera's homeworld of Onderon from the Empire's occupying forces and eventually became allied with first the rebellion cell, Bail Organa’s resistance movement.

Following Onderon's Civil War and the Galactic Republic's transformation into the Galactic Empire, Saw Gerrera reorganized the Onderon rebels into the Partisans. When the Empire sent ISB Agent Kallus and his platoon to bring peace to Onderon, Gerrera and a Lasat mercenary ambushed them. The Lasat then mercilessly executed the platoon, but left Kallus alive.

In 14 BBY, the Partisans led an incursion against the Empire on Kashyyyk in an attempt to weaken the Empire and free Wookiee prisoners. They assisted Cal Kestis and the crew of the Stinger Mantis in locating Wookiee Chieftain Tarfful. They were overwhelmed by Imperial forces after finding him, forcing the majority of them to retreat from the planet.

Jedi Order

Headquarters: none
Founded: 25,000BBY
Collapse: 19BBY
Leader: none

The once prevalent Jedi Order fell when Palpatine reorganized the Republic as the Galactic Empire. Under Order 66, many Jedi were killed. Though most surviving Jedi hide from the Inquisitors, some Jedi actively work to overthrow the Empire. They seek out other Jedi and likeminded Force-sensitives as well as any rebellion cell, group, or crew to work with. Rather than open warfare, the Jedi operate from the shadows knowing full well that the Empire will rain down their forces if alerted to a Jedi’s presence. 

Atrivis Cell

Headquarters: Fest (planet)
Founded: ~14BBY
Leader: Travia Chan

A small rebel cell operating from the planet Fest in the Atrivis sector. Led by Commanding Officer Travia Chan, this militaristic cell engages in disruptive skirmishes against the Empire. Though mostly seen as a nuisance by the Empire, the Atrivis cell is growing every day. 

Cells on Selvaris

Started: 15BBY

The planet Selvaris, where Galaxy Awaits takes place, enjoyed a few years of peace after the founding of the Galactic Empire. However, rumors persisted of Jedi hiding on the remote forested world eventually leading to the appearance of Imperial forces on Selvaris. In response, small handfuls of individuals brave enough to act against the Empire formed. These rebel groups are spread across the towns and villages across the planet and how each one operates is different as well. Some work in secret, some are out in the open.

Corox Station, where the Galaxy Awaits campsite represents, is known to have a rebel cell, or had one. The locally stationed Imperial military and Inquisitors arrested two individuals accused of leading a rebellion. One was taken off world while the other was released and hasn’t been seen in Corox Station since. 

Starting Your Own Cell

Since the Rebellion in its current state has no formal organization or communications, it is possible for multiple cells in the same area to operate and not know about each other. You may start your own rebel cell with your character starting alone, or with a group of your friends playing ally characters as part of a group concept. All members of the Rebellion Faction will at some point interact with the Faction Contact, who may or may not inform you of other rebels in the game. 


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