December 2, 7 AFE (12 BBY)

Kelva Shallows

Dec. 11, 2019 9:27 am

From the main road, Kelva Shallows is about 80 miles to the east of Corox Station (about 20 minutes from Corox Station by transport), followed by a mile and a half of a dirt road before you get to the town itself. Since the shutting down of easier powered transport, fewer people make the trek out to the community unless they have to.


The town is built on the coast of a large lake and its surroundings are densely wooded.  There are only a couple hundred people who call Kelva Shallows home at any given time, mostly locals involved with the fishing trade, or small-game trappers and breeders attempting to selling unusual pets offworld to tourists in Saiyani Station.


The major claim of Kelva Shallows was it being the site of the first contact with the native Odho species. A small monument is set up to commemorate the event, and a festival is held each year to mark the occasion. As there is usually an uncomfortable pall hanging over the memory of the delayed first contact, the remembrance festival is rarely hugely attended, but Kelva Shallows still celebrates it in an effort to keep their town alive and relavent.


On the edges of the town where the tree line and the lake meets are several swamps that continue into the woods. As swamps go, they are actually quite beautiful (if ‘teeming with colorful life with only some of it incredibly deadly’ appeals to you) and there is just enough water current to keep the insect population from growing out of hand. These are some of the reasons why small and large groups of “Swamp-Lifers”, a local group of Regressives, live in the surrounding swamps. “Swamp-Lifers” aren’t seen much, but when they are they are usually looking to trade for something that the majesty of nature doesn’t provide (anything from news and sports scores to medicine and batteries). They rarely have credits, but typically have interesting things to trade.


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