December 2, 7 AFE (12 BBY)

Current Story

Apr. 17, 2021 9:42 am

The Current Story consists of highlights from our events. For more in-depth coverage of the In-Game story, visit Holonet News.

Virtual Event  - May 2020

Nearly 136,000 lives were lost in the Imperial bombardment of Caru City, leaving entire districts a heap of smoldering ruin.  The Empire was outraged by the actions of their own renegade Admiral Rendo Keel, who supposedly ordered the illegal strike and is now in hiding on planet Selvaris.  The Imperial Senate convened an emergency session to authorize the Selvarin Relief Act, providing economic aid to the people of Selvaris, and to help rebuild their devastated city.  In addition, the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) was dispatched to investigate all parties involved in the atrocity and hunt down the disgraced Admiral Keel.  For this reason, all interstellar craft must submit to security scans prior to departure from the planet.

Event 4 - November 2019

The Empire set up a temporary research facility at Corox Station to study the Force giving seed pods. A renowned scientist, along with several assistants, assigned to the facility led the research. Several hours later, results were in. Meanwhile, the leader of a local rebel cell was captured by the Empire. According to Imperial intelligence, another rebel cell led by a Jedi resided in the Selvarin capitol of Caru... and an orbital bombardment was ordered destroying a large segment of the city...   

Event 3 - May 2019

The Black Sphere tournament took place in Corox Station where all were welcome to participate and attend. During the break, the Imperial flag was removed from the flagpole by the newly elected Mayor. Brother 13 led the Inquisitors on a confrontation that quickly became a battle involving nearly the entire town. The surviving Inquisitors were arrested by the Empire and escorted out of Corox Station. Meanwhile, the Black Sphere Tournament saw a winner and awarded a handsome grand prize. As the citizens reveled with the tournament winner, several Imperial Star Destroyers appeared in orbit and formed a blockade around the planet. 

Event 2 - October 2018


Event 1 - May 2018 


Previous Events

Galaxy Awaits ran several day games and one weekend event under the New Republic era of the books. These events took place shortly after the Force Awakens came out, so needless to say, there was confusion about the timeline the game took place in. As such, Staff decided to take a one year hiatus to restructure the game complete with a slimmed rules set and clearly defined timeline from the movies.